Darby Day Staffing offers a full complement of
human resource and recruitment services.

Complete satisfaction with every aspect of the program.

Hiring temporary employees gives you the flexibility to cope with busy times while protecting your bottom line. Whether your business is seasonal, or you take on special projects and need to beef up your staff short-term, temporary staffing is a great solution.

Always scalable, and always available, our well-qualified pool of temporary employees is ready to hit the ground running. As a bonus, we take care of payroll, on-boarding, and performance management.

Hiring a permanent employee is a big commitment. With our temporary-to-hire program, we will place a pre-screened candidate with you for a probationary period. As with any temporary employee, we handle the payroll. At the end of that time, if the fit is good, the employee is yours! If not, we are happy to provide you with another suitable candidate.

Get your hiring right the first time. Our rigorous recruitment process includes getting to know you, and your corporate culture and matching that with the most current labor market information. Our screening, interview, testing, and negotiation process takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect candidate. Once you have selected your new employee, we will walk you through the negotiation and hiring process using our in-depth industry knowledge to determine compensation, benefits, and perks.

If you need a highly specialized employee or expert for a short-term project, we can help. Our years in the business and broad network of contacts allow us to draw from the best and brightest the region has to offer.

Our Hiring Process

The goal of our Hiring Process is a win-win situation for both company and employee. First, we must meet the company’s demand for labor to maximize the quality and quantity of their products or services. Second, we must meet the employee’s goal of meeting or exceeding expectations in a way that stimulates, motivates and challenges them to grow their skills, work- culture and self-confidence through the company’s need for their talents. The underlying metric for both is the ever-growing financial responsibilities that are met through this employment opportunity we match.

We take pride in respecting and abiding by all federal, state, county and city labor laws and regulations always. We seek guidance and navigate our hiring process through the guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Texas Workforce Commission, and Internal Revenue Service, among others. We are audited annually and have always passed with flying colors.

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